Tuesday, October 19, 2010

St. Georgie Porgie

Oh, St. George.

I have been thinking about you for days since we parted over the weekend. You really showed up for me at Jazzy Java last Saturday. It was my first show as a leading act in your area and I was thrilled with the way you packed the house. The only problem with being the performer is that I never get my own pictures of the show. So, all I have is a picture of me at sound check on my new Korg SV-1 (which I love, by the way). But who wants to see yet one more picture of me singing? Forget about me. Let's talk about YOU, St. George.

After the show, my cute drummer Nate Young and cute guitarist Chase Baker, and myself drove to the Holiday Inn Express in Washington near Coral Canyon. We couldn't help but notice how yummy it smelled when we walked in. It's a very clean and cozy place with a great breakfast if you're ever visiting Zion's. I highly recommend. But don't ask the clerk at the front desk if you can have your picture with him, because he will say no.

Nate Young (left), Yours Truly (middle), Chase Baker (right)

I woke up the next morning and I would have stayed in that warm bed for another ten hours. But it was an amazing morning in Coral Canyon and I didn't want to miss the sunrise. Southern Utah is the crown jewel of the whole state. A sunrise in Southern UT = a Hipstamatic moment.

Thanks to Trevor Jenson for the lovely stay at the Holiday Inn Express!

Go ahead, take a gander at my makeup-free, sleep-deprived morning face. I won't mention any names, but someone needs to get their roots done.

The red desert scape is therapeutic.

Ok, but my #1 favorite part about St. George is visiting my Grandma Rose.

And OH. MY. WORD. I discovered this store on St. George Blvd. called Urban Renewal, which is now my #2 most favorite thing about the city. (D.I. got bumped back to #3). If you love a mix of antiques, vintage wares and clothing along with new and modern, this store is Heaven.

I am a sucker for giant maps. I bought one of these.

Thanks for always proving to be an amazing city, St. Georgie Porgie. I'll be back again soon.




  1. The weather and scenery are the major reasons I chose to move to St. George almost two years ago. Used to live in Utah County and this was the best move ever!

  2. I'm sorry I missed it. Told you I would be there then couldn't come after all. But I sent friends....

    Glad you found Urban Renewal. You two were destined to meet!

    Happy Singing,
    Jenni Hackworth Fisher

  3. Enjoyed the show! I think I might contact Tuachan ask them to bring you on during their concert series!

  4. Mindy + Tuacahn = Glorious red mountain music!
    please come back,
    I felt bad that I didnt get to introduce myself at the Jazzy show, you did pack that house!...and I had to hurry back to the babes.
    I couldnt help but bawl on 'All about your heart.'
    You are beautiful inside and out. thanks for all you are.

  5. Thanks Mindy glad you enjoyed your stay! I will make sure I get to your show next time. You rock!

  6. Looks fun!! Zion's is beautiful!