Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tree Street Trick or Treat

Phantoms and fairy tales are afoot in the Tree Streets tonight.






Mr. Clean. (aka Mr. Hofheins).

Who was making home made donuts.

The kind that melt in your mouth.

It's that old Hofheins hospitality.

Everything in festive array.

Golden leaves carpeting the walkways.

Never has a Halloween sky been so bewitching . . .

Nor have the withered grapevines trembled so in the oncoming storm.

This is Halloween.


  1. Scary costumes, and delicious looking donuts. I love that you sported your wings from your last music video, I have to admit that I was the boring mom, I was dressed up as me.

    Love your Halloween!

  2. Very Cool! What a fun night! Great photos too!

  3. A butterfly is one thing, but a butterfly in a trenchcoat? That's really something.

  4. Wow! Spooky! Looks like loads of fun.

  5. I miss the Tree Streets for sure! Mostly because of all the great people that live on them!

  6. well. here is a creepy story. i think i stood behind you in line at the ingrid concert and we talked about imogen..buuuut i couldn't really tell if it was you or not (considering we have never met and i've seen your picture like twice) so instead of asking what did i do? i of course googled your blog and looked to see if you posted anything about it but instead came across a picture with you wearing the same coat. so i'm pretty sure it was you and if not then this is an even more creepy story. either way, i really enjoy your music and the song "small enough" may or may not have been my number one played song on my itunes before my mission. if that was you i'm sorry i didn't say it in person but you have a gift, thank you for sharing it.