Thursday, October 14, 2010

The SoCal Chronicles: Day 3

I try not to play favorites amongst the people I associate with, but try as I might, I cannot help myself. First of all, the hostess of this backyard benefit concert in Carlsbad, April Meeker, is one of my new favorite people. You may know of her if you've seen the illustrations in the music video for "Anchor," because she drew them and they are SO PERFECT for the video it's not even funny. In fact, when one of my other favorite people, Joe Corcoran, saw the music video, the first thing he said was, "My favorite part is the illustrated world!"

Joe Corcoran played almost every instrument on my album except for keys and drums. So, there you go. If that fact alone wasn't already amazing enough, he has edited and engineered on projects for The Dave Matthews Band, Lenka, Emmy Rossum, Ashley Tisdale and many more. But, no. Joe is not my favorite because he has worked with celebrities, nor because he can play any instrument like there's no tomorrow, but because he is so genuinely kind, and more hilarious than most anyone I know. Plus, look. He can rock a straw hat, gingham shirt, jacket, tie and black rimmed glasses like nobody's business.

Before going on, Joe and I survey the crowd. We can tell that this is going to be an amazing crowd.

Enter, Joe.

Enter, Mindy.

Whoa. What's going on here? Bra strap malfunction? No matter. I know how to roll with onstage surprises.

If this evening wasn't lovely enough already, knowing that the proceeds all went to a family who lost their firefighter daddy this year made it one that I will never forget.

BONUS POINTS: The next morning when I woke up and got ready to drive home, April (whose main art form is in jewelry making) gave me these incredible earrings that she handcrafted. The coral Bakelite-style material has an adorable floral pattern carved in it. The picture just doesn't do it justice!

Lo, another photo that doesn't do justice to this darling necklace she also made. It's even a locket! I'm a really picky jewelry person, but April's vintage and bohemian designs for her company Second Sister Jewelry are right up my alley. See for yourself:

Thanks April, Joe, and all who came to the Carlsbad concert. I hope we do it again soon!

P.S. You must check out the photos of the event on April's blog because they are beautiful and they also show the Woodland themed decorations and centerpieces. SO AWESOME. We're talking gnomes, faux bois, and the whole sha-bang.


  1. I didn't even know faux bois was a word.

    Next time, i am coming with you. The street was lonely without you.

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  3. I know that you are destined to be a life friend and kindred spirit just by the fact that you know the term faux bois. Love you girl.

  4. hello pretty upstairs neighbor... i just thought i'd let you know that my family really LOVED being at the benefit show. ashley even expressed it here:

    you really touched her that night. (:
    have fun in st. george!