Thursday, October 28, 2010

Los Lower Lights

All photos on this post by Justin Hackworth.

I have a few alter egos in music. Most of the time, I'm just me, you know, Mindy Gledhill. But sometimes, I am a dance music diva, and on other occasions, I am a Lower Light. What is a Lower Light? Or rather, who are The Lower Lights? Think of the soundtrack to "Oh Brother Where Art Thou," and you're getting warmer.

My favorite part of the recording process? Singing a duet with Ryan Tanner (above).

Think of unusual voices mixed together, some ratty, some smooth, some a little off pitch, some right on the money, some soft, some belty. We're all different in sound, but united by the classic hymns that we sing, in a very "revival-like" manner.

We all have our own bands or solo projects in each of our respective music genres, but one day last year, our friend (and producer to many of our projects), Scott Wiley, emailed all of us and invited us to join our styles together in a live studio setting to record an album of hymns like you've never heard them done before. Sometimes, when I listen to the album we created out of that experience, it's almost like I'm hearing Ryan Adams or Patty Griffin singing classic hymns. Pretty awesome.

And let's not pretend that Paul Jacobsen (left) isn't one of my favoritee artists, because he so is.

You should come to one of our shows. It's pretty wild. Especially when Pat Campbell busts out the tuba.

But he's got nothing on my mad tambourine skills.

Stuart Maxfield, who can play 103 instruments with the greatest of ease, will blow your mind.

I'm telling you, it's an all-star cast. Debra Fotheringham and Sarah Sample in the same show? Two words: Get Out.
And there are SO MANY more amazing musicians that are a part of this project.
You just have to come see it.

And now is your chance. You can come and see The Lower Lights perform live on November 20th at The Post Theater in Salt Lake City. For ticket information, to watch videos, and to buy the album visit:


  1. Let it shine shine shine let it shine! I just bought the album from itunes ... SO GOOD!!

  2. That sounds AWESOME!!! I am making plans to go right now :D

  3. the CD is playing constantly at my house! i think it was the best idea ever. can't wait for you guys to make more!