Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shep - A Post About My Hair

Since releasing the live music video for Hourglass, I've had a few people ask me about my coiffe. With a smidgen of pride, I'll admit that I styled it myself for that video, but the true hero of my hair's recent success is Shep. First of all, with a name like Shep, how can anyone be anything but truly awesome?

Not possible.

There are six main reasons why I love Shep and I will tell them to you in no particular order:

Reason #1: Shep wears sweater vests, jeans and converse at the same time. (My favorite combo on the male specimen).
Reason #2: Shep is named Shep.
Reason #3: Shep's voice is incredibly soothing and tranquil.
Reason #4: You will want to melt like a Lindor Truffle on an afternoon in August when he touches your head.
Reason #5: He uses Bumble & Bumble products. I LOVE BUMBLE & BUMBLE.
Reason #6: Shep has an AMAZING sense for the integrity of your hair. (Ok, maybe this should be #1).

And check this out: two men blow drying my hair at once!
Don't act like that's not a little bit exciting.

I can't find a web site for Shep anywhere! But I did find some awesome reviews here:

And a great blog post at about her experience at Shep Studio.

Shep Studio is located at 890 N., 500 W., Provo, UT.
Call (801) 373-4085 to book an appointment.


  1. I love this hair salon! I go to Siara and get one heck of a haircut.

  2. I saw a faux hawk he gave a gal and I want it so bad, I may fly out to Provo to get it. Can I stay with you?

  3. "Kage," are you Kristy Glass? You could totally rock a faux hawk. I've been contemplating a boy short messy do for a while, myself. And YES, you can totally stay with me. Just let me add on a guest room to my house real quick. Either that, or my new couch seems decent :-)

  4. You know I'm devoted to Patrick at Shep's? I completely am.

  5. Mindy, hey....doing some internet research and I found my name on this comment and yup, that was me commenting and you DID end up getting that short cut! Crazy. I'm coming to Provo next week... I hope to see you... ; )