Sunday, October 10, 2010

The SoCal Chronicles: Day 1

Last Thursday, I left my house at 9:00 a.m. to drive to Southern California for some meetings in L.A. and to do a private show in Carlsbad. Ten minutes later, I returned to my home (since I am prone to forget things at times) to retrieve my iPod and any audiobooks I could find. All I could rummage up was Day 1 of a Tony Robbins series. After a ten hour drive, I pretty much have Day 1 memorized. Tony would be proud.

Road Trip Rule #1: Bring something awesome to listen to. Preferably hours of material - not one 30 minute CD.

Road Trip Rule #2: Bring awesome food. In this I did succeed. Chocolate Covered Macaroons by Raw Melissa? YES, PLEASE.

Road Trip Rule #3: Stop at landmark locations to get out and walk around. My favorite? The St. George D.I.. I always find awesome stuff there. For example, feast your eyes upon these vintage silver formal shoes in MINT CONDISH!:

And check out these vintage golden Stilettos! Both purchased for less than $10.


Of course, it was a Hipstamatic moment.

After staying in St. George way too long, I forced myself back in the car. I actually had to get to West L.A. Music by 9:00 p.m. because I wanted to have a little looksey at a stage piano I've been lusting after. Oh, yes. The Korg SV-1 (which is nerd talk for "stellar keyboard"). To make a long story short, I did arrive in the nick of time and you will see my lovely keyboard if you come to my next show (which is this Saturday, 9:00 p.m. at Jazzy Java in St. George, UT).

But, really. The icing on the cake? Legendary bass player Carol Kaye happened to be giving a bass clinic at West L.A. Music when I arrived. Carol has played electric bass and guitar on hit records for the following artists (and many more):
Beach Boys, Ray Charles, TheRighteous Bros., Johnny Mathis, Nancy Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Glen Campbell, Lou Rawls, Jan & Dean, Henry Mancini, The Lettermen, Paul Revere & Raiders, Monkees, Buckinghams, April & Nino,Sonny & Cher, Chris Montez, Andy Williams, Quincy Jones, Joe Cocker, Ike &Tina Turner, and Mel Torme. Not only is Carol a female pioneer in the music industry, but a white female who played in all the prestigious black jazz clubs of her time. This woman is inspiring.

Then, I crashed at Comfort Inn in Santa Monica which, by the way, is almost entirely carpeted in Astro Turf. So, if you like Astro Turf, you should stay there sometime.


  1. hi Mindy ! real cool shoes! i bet you didn't run a hindred miles in these!!
    just wsanted to share with you the first steps of my boy who did them on your music!! thank you ! you have added poetry to this touching moments!here is the link to the very short videos:
    have a great trip!

  2. Love the shoes! You are a very funny lady! :) Thanks for the smile today.

  3. Those shoes are great finds indeed. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning with your travel tips.

  4. Good luck with your upcoming concerts, Mindy! (oh, and Dylan and I came to The Lower Lights concert, and we think you were awesome up there. We loved that concert)

  5. When my husband and I go on road trips we always pick a book that I read out loud while he drives. It keeps me from giving him a hard time about his driving making me extremely nervous (it's really ridiculous because he is a fantastic driver lol!) And it keeps him entertained. It works for us. Other than that it is always a book on CD. :D
    It has never occurred to me to go to a D.I. other than the one in Provo as I live in Spanish Fork. Not a bad idea, lol! Love the shoes!!! :D

  6. hipstamatic is the best!! and i am extremely jealous of your shoes. what a magical place.