Sunday, January 24, 2010

End of Week 3, Day 21: Progress in "Site"

The irony of this post is that I really do have an honest to goodness hole in my bathroom ceiling. Awesome.

The Good News: Some improvements have been made to my website, thanks to your awesome suggestions. (Yay!)

The Bad News: The kind person who created the site for me several years ago wasn't too experienced and created the whole thing in flash. There are a lot of problems with the coding of the site that would be costly and difficult to fix. Therefore, I am choosing to wait and put that money into my brand new site that will launch with the release of my upcoming album.

Isn't that just how life rolls sometimes? I remember hearing Lloyd Newell speak at a workshop one time. He told a story about how there was a hole in his bathroom ceiling due to a bad leak in the plumbing above. After a while, he got so accustomed to that hole that he just didn't notice it anymore, UNTIL guests would come over. If ever anyone used the bathroom, they would come out and say, "Wow! How did you get that big hole in your ceiling?"

Going through Chapter 3 of Music Success in Nine Weeks has reminded me of the proverbial "hole in the ceiling" that my website has been. After reading all of your suggestions, I feel so much better prepared to create my new website. For now, we did as much as we could to the current website including: updating the contact info, updating the album release on the bio, fixing the "Scrapbook Page," updating the "Events" page (go check out my upcoming concerts!), as well as updating my "Latest News" page with some exciting happenings and information on new recordings, exclusively found on my website.

I'm excited to create a new website that is very interactive, fluid in design, user friendly and one that has constant special offers and consistently new information that brings people back on a regular basis.

Thanks again for all your help this week. Come back by Monday night as I start into Chapter 4: Social Media for Musicians. Sweet.


  1. Ha! I totally thought that the hole was a picture of a dancer's silhouette. You are the queen of photo trickery!

  2. Sorry to hear about your site. Flash is really cool and can be used very effectively. Unfortunately, it usually isn't. Unfortunately, Flash is what happens when visual artists/designers create websites with no input from copy writers or those with marketing/search engine experience.

    Still, putting off changes for the new album is probably a good choice!

  3. Your "Upcoming Events" sound awesome... but I only know the time and place. There are no dates listed.

    Maybe that's intentional? But in case it's not, I thought I'd say something.

    Happy Monday!