Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week One, Day Four: I Have a Dream(board)

One of the most powerful forms of list making that I can think of is to write up about six tasks the night before the day you want to achieve those tasks.  I actually started doing this several months ago and just read about it again in Music Success in Nine Weeks.  If I wait and do it the morning of, then I ALWAYS forget things and get a late start on the day.  Doing it the night before prepares my mind to be ready to act and allows me to sort it all out in the most efficient order.  I also find that I have more energy to accomplish these things because I wake up with a purpose.

On my list for today was to put my goals up where I can see them and to display them in an artistic way that inspires me - a suggestion from Ariel Hyatt.  I loved the prospect of this idea and I thought you might like to get some creative ideas of how you can do this in your own home. 
Idea #1:  The Dream Board (aka Vision Board)
Create a collage of images that represent your goals and dreams.  This can be done on a bulletin board, magnet board, poster board or just right on the wall.  I chose a magnet board.  (Still a work in progress).

Idea #2:  Framed Goals
I have found some great vintage frames at my local thrift store.  Even if they're nothing to brag about, you can spray paint them and they look fantastic.  I painted this wall with magnetic paint, then another coat of chalkboard paint so that I could write directly on it (but really, I write on all of my walls in chalk, no matter the paint - just a quirk of mine).  Hang up your frames and write your goals or any kind of inspirational quote inside.  It looks awesome and makes a great focal point.


  1. That is AWESOME!! I love, love, LOVE these ideas!!!! :o) Question: when you write in chalk on your walls does it come off easily?!

  2. Few things:

    1. So true about writing a things-to-do list the night before. I used to do that everyday, because there was no thinking about what to do after I woke up, just do the list in front of me.

    2. Love, Love, LOVE your frames mounted on the chalk board. Very fun and unique.

    3. Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention. A dream board got me Fauneil.

  4. Tour Spain!!! Really!?!?!?!?!? Are you going to come to sing here?????? Woaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least it's in your goals' list! I hope you can reach that goal!

  5. Brook, I have to use a damp cloth which works fine. A plain old eraser just smears it.

    Luhi, I'll have to hear that story sometime.

    And Irene, YES. I am planning on touring Spain. It is still just an idea, but I am going to need volunteers over there to help make it happen. Know anyone who would be interested? I'm looking at May this year.

  6. Great ideas. Great goals. Thanks for the spur.

  7. This really is a beautiful idea. My brain is pondering where I can put one in my home....

  8. Love these ideas...I'm just working on organizing my home office. This past year I took over my daughter's old bedroom after she got married. Painted, ripped out carpet, put in a wood floor. But over the holidays it has become a catch-all for everything. I think I'll incorporate your dream board into my new room!

  9. I love Luhi. (Thanks for the forum, Mindy.)