Thursday, January 14, 2010

Successes for 1/14/10

Don't know who these people are, but I thought this kissing couple was sweet. Found in the Creative Commons section of Flckr:

1.) Took a shower and put on some make up.

2.) Managed to exit the premises of Costco without spending my life savings.

3.) Wrote almost an entire song about paying debts with kisses. Seriously.

4.) Booked an appointment to have the world's stinkiest dog groomed.

5.) Started editing and mixing an orchestral piece for the first time in my life.

How about you?


  1. showered and make-up
    Took some movies to a friend on bed rest
    dropped something in the mail
    took care of baby O
    hosted pres meeting
    cursed my husband for being so hairy and
    for the fact that it falls out every where!

  2. If showering is a feat for you, then you and Fauneil need to compare non-showering stories. She is the queen.

    I once went to Costco and only bought one item. The people in line were impressed.

    I hate stinky dogs, including mine.

  3. Didn't get a shower, although I did put a pair of jeans on instead of my favorite sweats.

    No make-up but I make goofy faces at the kids (the faces I make look better without make-up anyway).

    Went to my college anatomy class and pretended to be a smarty pants (if I keep thinking it...maybe it will happen..)

    Told my 5 kids it was "left over eat junk food for dinner" night so I could do homework. (I love these nights!

    Gave myself a headache from reading blogs and eating junk food...thus my pants became too tight and I had to administer my favorite sweats. ahhhhh!

    sounds like a pretty good day....right?