Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five Successes for 1/21/10

1.) Worked out.
2.) Cleaned out my sock drawer.
3.) Made a long list with my "webmaster" of things that needed to be changed on my site. (Many of your suggestions were on that list. Thank you SO much!)
4.) Went to class even though I would rather have suffered a mild heart attack.
5.) Refrained from buying a package of caramel filled Keebler Cookies at the corner store.

So, yeeeaah. Nothing here that will blow your mind, but honestly, it's been one of those days that I would normally frown upon if I were not making my list of successes. So three cheers for small successes!


  1. Hip hip horay! (3X)

  2. Good luck with the website!

    How exactly does it work when someone just purchases one song from your site? (Do you get charged the flat credit card fee for each 99 cent purchase?)

    Just wondering, as if someone was really cheap, they would individually purchase your songs separately and save a whopping 9 cents! (By the way, Amazon is selling the whole album download for $8.99.)

    FYI, the song listings and samples don't show up on the Mozilla Firefox.