Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Successes for 1/26/10

Success number 1: This is not a hobo engineering my vocal session tonight. It's the Grammy nominated Finn Bjarnson, whom I have wanted to work with for a LONG time. Tonight was my second time recording with him and his work is so unbelievably FUN to record! Finn has had somewhere around thirty number one hits on the Billboard Dance music charts. No big deal.

Close behind at number 2: I wrote a song tonight that hit me like a bolt of lightening out of the sky; a gift from the Divine. (Thank you!)

Number 3 takes up the middle: Wrote a blog post about the basics of Twitter. Go check it out! It's the post right before this one.

Not quite last, number 4: Did P90X this morning. Plyometrics. If you know what I'm talking about, you are hurting just thinking about it. "I hate it, but I love it."

And last, but certainly not least, number 5: Signed my boys up for hip hop dance classes. F'rill.

You've been so shy lately. I want to know about your successes!


  1. I am TOTALLY going to bed before 2am tonight--Success!

  2. Yesterday sounds very productive and successful. You go, Mindy!

    Okay, here are mine:
    1) Helped my 5-year-old put his train set together.
    2) Washed and dried the dishes twice without nagging on kids to do it.
    3) Made a huge batch of awesome soup for my husband to take to his work party today.
    4) Went running/jogging/walking and made it 3 miles.
    5) Wrote down the characteristics that my kids have inherited from my dad to induce happy memories.

  3. I just listened to your song, "Anchor"- I was totally entranced, loved it! I'm sure you already have heard that....awesome!

  4. I....have just discovered you. "Feather in the Wind" entrances me and I'll go to your website just to hear it. Must be time to buy it. Love how real you are.

  5. Here are my five for yesterday 1/26/10
    1. Cared for my sick 6 year old.
    2. Picked up my 10 year old sick from school
    3. Showered
    4. Made arrangements for my 4 year old to be taken to swim lessons
    5. Talked with my husband

  6. I started a blog just for my daily successes during my last semester of nursing school. It has been a great blessing in motivation- something I struggled with last semester and now focus on in my prayers. This little bit is a nice addition to my part- the "all that [I] can do." Thanks for the suggestion!