Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Five Successes for 1/6/10

Feel free to join my Facebook Fan Page for details on a benefit concert I'm doing with Sam Payne and Peter Breinholt for Bulgarian Orphanages!

Today's greatest successes in order of most victorious:

1.) Cleaned the toilet.  If you live with three males then you know the kind of feat that this is.
2.) Cleaned the bathroom vanity.  If you are a woman then you also know the difficulty if this task.
3.) Visited my Facebook Fan Page and discovered that it has not been updated since last June.  JUNE!  I did some housekeeping there and now invite you to join it (this is different from my regular facebook page with different content, updates, etc.)  I will be updating this page on a regular basis.
4.) Listened to songs in search of inspiration for these last few tunes I need to write for my album.
5.) Ate less cheese.

Check in tomorrow to see the Dream Board I'm creating for my goals . . .


  1. Way to conquer that poor male barraged toilet. You might want to clean AROUND it too ... knowing how most males miss. (Fauneil makes me sit down.)

  2. I have three males, one of which is only five. So I understand about the toilet thing. Keep writing, Mindy! Me and my little ones were driving to cub scouts last night singing along to Riddle. They love to 'trick' people with this song and get them listen to it and try to figure out what 'I' am. Write on, girl!

  3. I started a dream board a year or so ago and it's definitely a beautiful way to remind us of our goals. It's also a nice way to track progress when these goals begin to manifest, whether it travel-related or financial, or anything. Great blog post! Best of luck to you!

  4. I particularly like number 5. I once read a hilarious faux-news piece in a British comedy magazine about a heated debate between the proponents of Eating Not Enough Cheese, those who supported Eating Too Much Cheese, and the Society for Eating Exactly the Right Amount of Cheese. Hilarious it was. I guess you had to be there... sadly I can't find a link just now.

    Right, as you were...

  5. Yes I live with 5 males, one husband and four sons, so I understand the toilet thing. This reminds me of a story a former roommate told me. She was living with her husband and her husband's brother and another male I think at the time and one day when she was cleaning the toilet she yelled, "How come I am the only one who ever cleans the toilet?" And the response was, "Because you are the only one who cares!" Here is a personal story: one day many years ago I was cleaning the toilet when my oldest daughter was about 5, and she asked me "Why are you cleaning the toilet Mom?" And I said "So it can be all sparkly and clean." And she said, "So we can poop in it?" Nice!! Good point, huh??

  6. I appreciate each of your comments so much. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences.

    Luhi, that is too funny.

    Tobias, that comedy sounds awesome. Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

    Bryn, I can't complain anymore now that I know you live with 5 males. Your story is hilarious.

  7. I too know the pain of little boys and the toilet. I have four of them. One an adult but he is no better. They also don't know how to clean them well. But hurrah! There is hope- i finally got my girl- maybe someday I can assign her the toilets! I love your great ideas!

  8. I have been married three and a half years and have only had to clean the toilet once, because my husband is just that good to me. He cleans it every Saturday, too. (is it weird that I am reading all of your old posts and commenting? Maybe so, but my babies are stiiiilllll napping.)