Monday, January 4, 2010

Music Success in Nine Weeks

I've gone and done it. I've entered one of those online contests everyone else is doing and that I always find rather annoying. But please read on long enough for me to tell you that this one is different. There will be no annoying emails or requests for you to "Vote for me!!!" This contest is a nine week journey that you can tune into anytime and observe my progress.

Back in November I attended a conference for independent artists. Some of it was helpful, some not so much. There were a lot of speakers and a lot of books and CDs for sale making claims of success and increased revenue. But as I sat in a sea of musicians listening to a panel of professionals rattle off their secrets to success, one speaker in particular authentically piqued my interest. It was the way she carried herself, the helpful detail in her answers to questions and while up on the stand she gave no pretension that she was above anyone else in the room. I immediately bought Ariel Hyatt's book - the only one I purchased at the whole conference.

Now Ariel is offering a blogging contest to those up for the challenge of working their way through her book, "Music Success in Nine Weeks." The winner receives a really nice online PR package - something I could SO use for the release of my upcoming album. The timing couldn't be more perfect since I was already going to take you through the process of writing, and recording the album anyway. What's so great about this is that a lot of this journey will deal with principles that can apply to your lives as well, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, college student, writer, or gas station clerk. Who doesn't have dreams and goals they'd like to accomplish? Part of my commitment to this program is to record five successes that I have each day - not even necesessarily music related. So tune in to my first post later today all about week one: Getting Mentally Prepared. We'll talk about setting goals and focusing on the positive. This is going to rock. (and just between you and me, somebody needs to get her roots done.)


  1. I need to get my roots done, too. Have fun with the contest. I hope you win. Can't wait to be able to listen to more songs from you.

  2. Good luck!

    Have you seen your last CD on eBay? Check out eBay items: 341330314763 & 341330314667

    $60+ dollars each! And the used one is listed higher than the new one! Just imagine your profit margins if you were selling them for that much! :)

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I've never been so perplexed/amused in my life. What is the meaning of this?!

  4. The correct term for how you are feeling is peramusaplexed.

    It just means that perhaps others value you higher than you value yourself. (If that's even possible for a feather in the wind that's been anchored back down again!) Don't get a big...bigger head from it though! ;)

  5. I like the contest idea. Best of luck. I will be cheering for you.

  6. Loved your first post! And I'm flattered that you bought my book at Taxi - Thanks.... Here's to an awesome contest!

    Love, Ariel

  7. Yeah, my roots too! This sounds great, Mindy. You are motivating me! I am definitely going to keep checking on you. You go girl!!